3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

If you love your kitchen, you’ll want it to look at its best, but a complete kitchen makeover can be difficult and expensive, not to mention disruptive. But there are ways you can upgrade your kitchen without spending a lot of money or having builders making a mess for weeks on end. Simply follow our tips below.

  1. A facelift can be very effective

If you can’t completely overhaul your kitchen, you can give it a facelift. There are some things you can DIY and some things that the professionals can do for you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Paint your cabinets – take the cabinet doors off and give them a paint with a product such as chalk paint for an easy makeover
  • Cover old tiles – tile stickers are an excellent way to cover ugly tiles and bring your kitchen up to date
  • Switch up the colour – add a more contemporary colour by painting the walls or adding new accessories

While it may take a little effort, a facelift is nowhere as big as a renovation, and you can even do it in stages if you prefer.

  1. Switch the flooring

The flooring that you choose can make a huge difference to your home. You’ll be surprised how installing epoxy floors Adelaide can completely change the look of a room, allowing you to give it a makeover. If your floors are dark and dingy, try adding some lighter colour flooring and you’ll no doubt marvel at the results. Flooring is one of those things you don’t notice much, but when you switch it up, you’ll find it looks amazing.

  1. Replace old appliances

One thing that can really drag down the look of a kitchen is old appliances. They get grubby beyond cleaning, look sad and old, and generally make your kitchen look dated. Therefore, it’s worth considering replacing old appliances like fridges and ovens to make the space look more pleasant. Nice shiny items also make the space look better and are easy to clean and better for the environment.

Most people only renovate their kitchens once every decade or so, but in the meantime, they can look quite dated. It’s worth considering whether you need to do a complete renovation, or whether you can simply follow the steps above and make it look much better with minimal effort and money. You may be surprised how easy it can be.