A Guide to Injecting Elegance & Sophistication into Your Home’s Décor & Design

The beauty of living in your own home is the freedom to design and decorate in exactly the way you want and, moreover, to take creative risks in décor that, when you were younger, simply would not be allowed in your parent’s house.

If you are someone who is looking for a certain air of sophistication in the interior design of your property, then you have come to the right place. Here is how to inject elegance and sophistication into your home’s décor and design.

Ornate Window Treatments

Even in the most minimalistic of homes owned by people who have absolutely no interest in designing a room aside from practical considerations still have some kind of window treatment, even if this consists of some plain drapes.

However, one of the most affordable yet simultaneously most effective ways of adding an elegant finesse is to hang ornate, detailed, and heavy ceiling-to-floor drapes, especially in the living room and your bedroom.

Hardwood Over Carpets

The second piece of advice for anyone looking for a more luxurious feel to their home is, unfortunately, considerably more expensive than the other suggestions within this article, yet perhaps it will have the biggest impact.

Wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, whether that be a smaller flat or a larger house, is undeniably synonymous with warmth. Still, for a truly elegant vista, but for true elegance and style, hardwood flooring is certainly the way forward.

Aside from an elegant aesthetic, there is a myriad of benefits in choosing hardwood flooring over traditional carpets, including a heightened level of hygiene, the fact that they are much easier to clean and that they are entirely timeless, which is great for dedicated followers of fashion.

Less is More

In this particular instance, anyway!

When injecting some peaceful elegance into the feel of your interior living spaces, instead of choosing smaller, perhaps more affordable, home décor and soft furnishings, it is much better to invest in designer pieces, such as a couch from the esteemed Ligne Roset Bromley.

Designing a room’s interior around a statement focal point is much more typically sophisticated, rather than overdoing things and missing the shot. Enjoy browsing for statement pieces that will make your rooms pop!

Unique Hardware Finishes

Another affordable yet impactful way to add a sophisticated element to your home décor is to splash out on unique, interesting, and eye-catching hardware pieces.

Anytime you have walked the aisles of your local hardware store, you would have been hard-pressed not to have seen entire blocks dedicated to doorknobs and light switches, and these are the very ones you should avoid.

Instead, look in thrift shops and antique stores for elements of hardware that not only look entirely different from the ‘norm’, but also conjure a feeling of a bygone era. When you swap these discovered gems with the factory-standard handles your units came with, you will be shocked at their difference in aesthetics.