Digital Solutions for the 2021 DIY Enthusiast

Let’s face it, with the huge cost of labour and the Covid restrictions, making your own improvements at home is a very attractive proposition; absolutely everything you need can be sourced online and there are even YouTube videos that walk you through plastering or hanging wallpaper. The global pandemic forced millions of consumers to shop online and regardless of the project, you will find a local supplier with everything you need.

Developing your Skill-Sets

Like anything else, DIY projects are learning experiences and you should start with simple things, such as making a couple of barstools or a fitting a set of kitchen cabinets. The great thing is there are hundreds of DIY ‘how to’ videos on YouTube; so much so that people have built a house with no previous construction experience, just YouTube. From the foundations and footings to the roof tiles, online video tutorials have you covered.

Sourcing Essential Materials

There is a good hardware and metal supplier on the Central Coast where you can order all the materials for your next project and it is likely the online supplier offers trade prices, which saves you at least 15%, plus the items will be delivered to your door. Google is your best friend when it comes to sourcing anything and online shopping enables you to compare prices in an instant, making sure you pay no more than you need.

Tools & Equipment

Rather than driving to your local builders supplies yard, you can find all tools and related equipment online and they have the best brands at the lowest prices. Of course, you won’t acquire all your tools in one shop, but as and when you need a specific tool or other item, you simply order it and a few days later, it will arrive. It is important to have a functional workshop and all the equipment and when investing in something major, make sure to read the professional reviews, which would reveal any issues.

Planning Projects

There are lots of free resources on the Internet to help you become a competent handyman around the house; look for a regular YouTuber that has a large following and watch all his clips on project planning. There are even DIY online forums where you can tap into the wisdom of a few veterans, who are always happy to advise a newbie.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the DIY enthusiast has everything they need and if you are ready to acquire the skill-sets to make your home nicer, now is a good time to decide on a first project.