Essential Maintenance for Oil Heating Systems

Just like any other heating system, an oil powered heating system needs to be maintained and the best time to do that is at the end of the summer, in September or October. This will ensure that your heating will perform as it should over the long winter months when it is really needed.

Oil Tank

A call to the oil tank cleaning company in Yeovil is all it takes to have the tank cleaned out and refilled, ready for the cold winter. You might have to drain heating oil into containers, or perhaps that is included in the cleaning cost. The engineer would also check for leaks and signs of corrosion, making sure the tank is safe to use.


The heating engineer tests that the burner is running right, not too lean or too rich, as this would impact performance. The engineer carries out a combustion analysis and this data enables him to calculate the efficiency and safety of the burner.

Flue Cleaning and Inspection

Of course, the flue is a vital route for harmful toxins to escape and it needs to be cleaned and closely inspected for holes or signs of corrosion. The engineer would have vacuum machines to suck out soot, keeping your home clean.

There would also be filters that need cleaning or replacing, depending on the make of the heating system and with a yearly servicing, your oil heating system will keep you warm during the cold winter months. Now is the ideal time to have the system serviced and an online search will locate a local oil heating engineer.