Exterior House Painting – 5 Strategies For Carrying out a Professional Job

Spring is coming and this information is about giving the outside of your home the splash of paint it deserves. Like a professional house painter I must construct five important tips that many people get wrong when painting the outside of their house.

#1.) House Wash – I love to provide the house a great wash before I paint it. I do not wash all sides at the same time though. It’s my job to just do one for reds (along side it I intend on painting first) at any given time because I am likely to be there for one or two weeks anyways most likely. This way when you’re able to the following side there is not a lot of webs or sand or dirt built support.

#2.) Selecting Colors – Some houses you drive by have weird colors. It is because they selected colors from the fan deck. For the best results you need to use an exterior house color sales brochure. Its coordinated palettes enable you to choose normal standardized colors. A standardized color chart may have perfect color matches that you ought to select from. Particularly if doing 2 or 3 palettes, you’ll need a professional color-coordinated exterior sales brochure. These brochures are often available at any paint store.

#3.) Use Quality Paint – I usually use brand name paint on my exterior house painting jobs. Why would you use inferior paint and waste everything hard labor? Particularly if you are having to pay another person to complete the painting. I love Benjamin Moore exterior house paint. They’ve great time-tested exterior paints and primers.

#4.) Latex versus Oil Base – I usually use latex paint around the outdoors or outside of a home. Oil base or Alkyd coating have a tendency to crack and peel. Latex paint can breathe and stays flexible. It lets the moisture away from home. Oil base paints cannot. That’s the reason you receive cracking and peeling.

The only real exception happens when the you’ve bare wood. You need to prime it by having an exterior alkyd or oil-base primer. Bare wood may cause “bleed through” stains that you could not block too utilizing a latex primer (Although nowadays some latex primers are really receiving targeted at stain blocking). However the primary factor is you desire to use latex paint in your house’s exterior and you need to make use of a good brand name exterior paint. Particularly if you are a home painter and you are doing the work for any homeowner. Don’t be visible on their home with average brand name paint. People want the very best.

#5.) Oil Base Stains – If you are considering staining your home there are lots of excellent exterior latex stains. Especially solid body stain. Solid body stain appears like regular paint except it’s designed for rough wood siding. Now for those who have an all natural wood color siding you will need to make use of a “semi-transparent” stain that’s oil base. I’d make use of an oil base stain in cases like this since the oil base stain can permeate lower in to the natural wood. This really is something that needs to be done every couple of many years to keep your sun and components from failing natural wood look. A fast one coat to safeguard natural wood siding is better.

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