Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pools to Increase Their Life Span

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a dream for most people. The thought of hosting parties or lounging around on a hot summer’s day gets people excited. However, owning a medium pool isn’t easy because you have to ensure proper maintenance to keep the swimming pool in its true form. For this purpose, there are various maintenance tips that can assist you.

Considering the Water Quality

First of all, you have to consider the water quality and add suitable chemicals to enhance and retain the water quality. For instance, the chlorine level must be consistent because the correct chemical balance can prevent bacterial buildup and keep the murky appearance at bay. It is important to check the water quality once a week, irrespective of the season. In addition to the chlorine level, the pH level must range from 7.4 to 7.6. This is because an off pH level results in calcium buildup that destroys the pool’s internal walls.


The second tip is ensuring the cleanliness of the filter because it helps maintain the pool. Depending on the pool’s conditions and weather, the filter must be cleaned every three to six months. However, if there has been heavy rain and storms, the filter must be cleaned immediately.

Collection Pots and Baskets

In addition to the pool filter, you also need to check the collection pots and baskets of the pool. For this reason, you have to clean the lint and hair pot on the pump but make sure you turn off the pump before cleaning it. The collection pots and baskets must be cleaned after every two weeks.

Water Level

Another maintenance tip is checking the water level because it’s essential to keep the pool in proper shape. This is because low water levels adversely impact the pump’s functionality, while higher water levels can result in improper functionality of a skimmer door. The water level changes with usage and after storms, which is why the water level should be checked regularly. Generally, you have to ensure that the water level remains at the upper half of the skimmer.

Skimming and Scrubbing

Swimming pool maintenance isn’t complete without sufficient scrubbing and skimming. Skimming involves removing debris and leaves from the pool surface, and it has to be done every day to make sure the pool looks good. On the other hand, scrubbing should be done on alternate weeks, and you must use a special scrub brush for cleaning the pool’s walls. Also, don’t forget to clean the algae growth.