Replacing Your Windows & Doors in Oxfordshire

Home improvements don’t come any bigger than replacement of your property’s windows and doors, the cost can run into thousands of pounds, so it demands that you undertake proper research before making the critical decisions. The Oxfordshire County motto is ‘Sapere Aude’ or ‘Dare to be wise’ which is great advice when applied to the task of choosing your new windows and doors. Although it does require the significant outlay of your hard-earned funds it’s also a chance to completely transform and enhance the exterior of your property increasing its aesthetic qualities and its value. We’ll look at finding a great installation partner, the different manufacturing materials used in today’s windows and doors and the benefits unlocked by choosing them.

Find A Supplier

You may know someone in the industry or have a recommendation of a great window specialist but if this isn’t this case then you’ll have to start from scratch. An internet search is a good starting point, using your favoured search engine type in ‘windows and doors in Oxfordshire’ or something similar, this will give you a listing of local businesses. Take some time to view plenty of websites, making notes of any products you like or companies which might be a possible installation partner. Make a shortlist of three or four likely installers and cross reference them on consumer websites like Trustpilot or Feefo, they show how well they are rated by their previous clients. It’s always best practice to get at least three quotations for any major home improvement so progress to making contact and start the design process.

The Different Manufacturing Materials

Modern windows and doors are made from four main materials, each with their own characteristics, let’s take a look at these now –

  • Timber – this environmentally friendly resource is very popular for its natural look, a great insulator it does though require more maintenance than other materials and can be expensive.
  • uPVC – this material is the cheapest option, its durable and low maintenance but is restrictive when choosing finishes and is not eco-friendly.
  • Aluminium – a strong yet lightweight metal is popular in modern homes, it’s affordable and durable but isn’t the greatest thermal insulator.
  • Composite – a modern technology mixes materials to create the best effect, it scores highly in all categories but is also the most expensive.

Choosing the material for your windows and doors is only part of the process, style and finish are also important. Use the experience of your chosen installation partners, they can advise you of the most suitable type of windows for your home, they should also be able to show you how the windows might look with computer aided design programmes.

Your property will benefit enormously from new windows and doors, with the right installation specialist your home improvement project can transform your home, increasing security, lowering your energy bills and give it a fantastic new look that will be the envy of your neighbours. Find your local window specialist in Oxfordshire today!