Slab Jacking: One Of The Fastest Foundation Repair Methods

Over time, home foundations need to be repaired or replaced since concrete may sink or fracture due to underlying erosion of soil and poor soil compaction. A technique for restoring cracked concrete without replacing the entire foundation is called slab jacking (mud jacking). In this procedure, a foundation repair contractor in Dallas lifts one side of a slab of concrete from the bottom up to level the slab again. This procedure requires no re-breaking, discarding, or replacing the concrete. When the foundation or pavement needs to be repaired, slab jacking is a solid option that can also save a lot of time and money.

The Process of Slab Jacking

To raise the existing concrete slab(s) back to alignment and fill in any gaps or breaks, the method involves injecting a solid base material—such as a cement mixer or, in newer techniques, a polymer resin or polyurethane foam injection—under the slab(s). Here’s a step-by-step process:

  • The concrete slab is drilled with a series of tiny holes.
  • The holes are filled with stable, concrete lifting materials.
  • The cement slab slowly lifts. It can take a few hours.
  • Once lifting is done, the gaps will be filled in the last step.

Benefits of Slab Jacking Foundation Repair

With the use of slab jacking, the concrete base can be stabilized, shifted back into alignment, and damaged areas can be patched with solid materials by a foundation repair contractor in Dallas. Here are the top benefits of this type of foundation repair:


Slab jacking has a quick setting process. The polyurethane foam solidifies quickly and neatly. Unlike other infill materials, foam forms quickly; a patio can be used almost right away, and a garage floor can be used for driving within 30 minutes. Depending on the use of the slab, the temperature of the ground and air, and the quantity of moisture in the soil, mud jacking employs a concrete mixture, so it must cure for at least several hours before it is “usable.”



Even though slab jacking requires specialized tools, it’s usually carried in a standard-sized service car which can simply park in a driveway or on the street. The job site for slab-jacking actually leaves very few scraps behind. Crews usually just need to remove a small amount of dust from drilling into the concrete or maybe a small quantity of foam from the place of injection.

Less Invasive

Slabjacking is more effective than the time-consuming and invasive process of replacing a slab. Concrete excavation often requires the application of a jackhammer, which is loud and produces waste that ends up in landfills. Re-pouring concrete involves the use of building forms, a cement truck, and the arrangement of equipment near the work site. This causes a huge amount of waste and chaos on the property. The new slab may also be visually off-putting since it won’t have the same color or texture as the other existing sections.


The expenses associated with slab jacking are minimal as it uses the concrete slab that already exists. The cost is more dependent on the size of the slab being lifted and the amount of space below the slab. Concrete replacement expenses can be two times as expensive as slab jacking. Therefore, slab jacking is a cost-effective and solid foundation repair option when it comes to budget. For more details on costs, one can get in touch with a qualified foundation repair contractor in Dallas.