The Best Grain Cleaner for the Agricultural Sector

For many years, the USA has been the best in the agricultural sector. Today, the amount of grain export has risen. Grain is the most exported product in the USA. They mostly include wheat, soy, and corn. At the same time, agriculture takes only 3% of the GDP today.

The development of the agricultural sector resulted from modern technologies. In recent years, new effective technologies have been created. These innovations make the work easier. They let companies increase their profit and reduce costs at the same time. So, agricultural farms got more effective during this period.

One of the best agricultural companies in the USA is Metra Group. The company produces innovative equipment for the agricultural sector. Farms can use the technologies to process the crop after harvesting. Metra Group provides equipment for cleaning the grain and processing it.

One of the most popular products of the company is grain cleaner. The grain cleaner has a modern aerodynamic structure. It uses a motor with a straight flow. The impeller takes less energy and keeps the effectiveness the same. So, it lets farms minimize losses with the same productivity. Another advantage of the grain cleaners is an easy repair. There is no need for difficult maintenance and constant care. Today, Metra Group delivers the technologies to almost all the countries of the world.

The History of Agriculture in the USA

The USA exports 15% of the agricultural products of the world. It covers the needs of the USA agriculture and exports grain to other countries. The country produces almost all the crops. An exception is coffee, bananas, and cocoa. The most developed production is for wheat, soy, and corn. Fruit grains are also an important part of grain production.

Despite such great development in the industry, only 4% of the population works in it. This became possible due to effective modern technologies. Before the 1950s, the USA had six million farms. Then, the number decreased to 2 million, but the area of the farms rose. The number of people working in agriculture also decreased.

Metra Group joined Europe in producing agricultural equipment. This allowed the innovative grain cleaners. Today, about 3 thousand grain cleaners come to different countries. The most popular of them are Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The equipment is most popular for its autonomy and easy repair and maintenance. Grain cleaners are highly used in today’s agricultural industry.