Tips for Keeping your Garage Neat & Tidy

We all need our garage space and if you are like most people, your tool kit takes up a considerable amount of space and for most of us, there’s never enough storage space. If you do all your car maintenance yourself and you have all the tools needed for car servicing, you do need to keep your garage ship shape, and if space is limited, here are a few tips to help keep things neat and tidy.

  • Buy an Over-Bonnet Storage Unit – You may not have seen an over bonnet storage unit, which is designed to use the empty space above the front (or back) of your car; the unit is made up of a rectangular metal box that sits on 4 adjustable legs, which allows you to set the perfect height and store the unit above the car bonnet. You would be surprised at how much stuff can be stored in one of these handy storage units (it would likely hold all of your power and hand tools) and the secure box can be locked.
  • Use Wall Racks – When you take a look at the garage walls, you can see a lot of potential storage places if you create wall racks; all your hand tools can be hung next to each other and many people make racks from jars, in which you can store nuts, bolts and washers of varying sizes.
  • Suspend a Tray from the Ceiling – This makes use of that space above head height and your local welder would be able the knock something together that winches up and can be tied off a few feet from the roof. Search with Google images for fine examples of garage ceiling trays, to give you a clear idea of how they work.
  • Every Item Has its Place – If you are the kind of person that likes order, everything should have a place and by getting into the habit of returning tools to their proper location, this will become second nature. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can set your sights on creating racks, shelves and hooks that will prove to be invaluable.
  • Don’t Hoard – We all have a little of the ‘hoarder’ in us, as we are about the throw something away and suddenly think that this might come in useful one day and decide to hang on to it. You could donate, sell or simply dump any items that you will never use and this will free up a lot of garage space.

By using the above tips, you should be able to create a tidy garage that will remain so, with the minimum of work.